A Bit About Us…

I’m one of those people I used to call crazy who can say “I’m a mother of 3 children aged 3 years and under”! 

Domestic goddess, wine aficionado, avid cottager, food and music enthusiast.

I’m a stay at home Mom to 3 amazing little monsters and partner in crime to my superstar husband.

We’ve been blessed, or cursed depending how you look at it, with 3 amazing little people in just 4 years. If I’m not crazy now, I certainly will be soon! Our oldest, Monkey, is 3 years old and a force to be reckoned with. Our middle child, LoveBug, is our little snuggler and just turned 2 years old. And finally our sweet surprise baby girl, Peanut, arrived just last week.

Struggling to find a balance between being me and being Mommy to all of them…breaking the PTA Soccer Mom Mold!

Find me on Twitter:  My3Monsters

**Updated 01.17.13**


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