The Pinterest Challenge December: Advent Calendar

It doesn’t even have to be about Pinterest per se. I mean, we were all already out there on the Internet researching stuff and looking up fun ideas before Pinterest existed. Then Pinterest came along and provided an awesome and easy way to organize all the time we waste surfing the Web into one tidy little package. So now, we go and ‘Pin’ all these amazing ideas on Pinterest, but how many do we actually follow through on? My challenge is to follow through with and document at least 1 each month (baby steps, right?)

I’ve been wanting to make this Advent Calendar for a couple years now, but just never made the time. It was actually made in November so that it was ready for December 1st to count down to Christmas Day. This year the 2 boys shared the one calendar, but I plan to make each of the Monsters their own calendar in time for next year. The Pinterest idea credit goes to Crafty Scrapper.

Before and After:


Advent Calendar

My Advent Calendar


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