Cupcakes for Breakfast


We have a tradition in our house where on your birthday you get to have a cupcake for breakfast…yay! This year for Monkey’s birthday we had cupcake pancakes…double yay!

It all started on Monkey’s 2nd birthday when Daddy asked him “What would you like for breakfast?” Monkey replied “A popsicle!” Daddy paused and thought for a minute then said “Sure, it’s your birthday, you can have whatever you like!” (Really? Pure sugar for breakfast? Easy for him to say as he’s walking out the door to work!) Every year since everyone has picked a cupcake and so, a tradition is born.

This year I thought it would be a fun twist to do birthday cake pancakes for breakfast (thank you Racheal Ray!). I was a little concerned the concept would go over their heads and they’d still ask me for a cupcake after, but they got it. And loved it!


I used the Confetti Cake mix and prepared it exactly to package directions. They were a little delicate to flip, but worked out great. It was way to much mix for just me and they boys so I ended up with enough left over to make 11 cupcakes. You could also make it all though and freeze them for a later date.
Add some colored icing and sprinkles and voila!


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