The Pinterest Challenge February: DIY Party Hats & Cars Cake

Party Hats

This month was Monkey’s 4th birthday. Normally I like to get right into a theme for our parties and add lots of homemade touches, but this year I was only a few weeks post c-section so I had limited mobility, was unable to drive a car to pick stuff up, and was trying to manage a newborn. Yikes! I was still able to get a few homemade items done both of which I got the ideas for off of Pinterest. The first was DIY party hats for each of the kids which they wore for our Cupcake Pancake Breakfast. First I saw an idea which would make a nice tall hat by just rolling a cone shape out of scrapbooking paper, but it left this giant flap that I couldn’t find a way to cut off without butchering the entire hat.  Then I moved on to a printable template I saw on Pinterest from Jones Design which worked like magic! I even modified it a little to make an itty bitty party hat for BabyGirl :)

DSC_0276My other Pinterest Challenge for February was a Cars cake for Monkey’s Cars themed party (his choice even though I thought he was over Cars last year). It took a little planning to get the ‘4’ to fit and the cake topper Cars I had ordered online were wayyy too big for the cake, thankfully I had some miniature cars, but all in all I think it came out pretty well! Pinterest idea credit goes to Coolest Birthday Cakes.

***It doesn’t even have to be about Pinterest per se. I mean, we were all already out there on the Internet researching stuff and looking up fun ideas before Pinterest existed. Then Pinterest came along and provided an awesome and easy way to organize all the time we waste surfing the Web into one tidy little package. So now, we go and ‘Pin’ all these amazing ideas on Pinterest, but how many do we actually follow through on? My challenge is to follow through with and document at least 1 each month (baby steps, right?)***


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