Sock Intervention

My little LoveBug

My little LoveBug

My middle child has kind of a “strange addiction”. Some kids have favourite stuffed animal, or a blanky, or suck their thumb. Well, LoveBug’s addiction is socks….yes, I said socks. He likes to carry a little sock around. He’s done it since he was a baby or at least since he was big enough to pull his own socks off his feet. He takes one of his socks and holds it up to his nose while he sucks his thumb. It started just while he was sleeping, but now he carries them everywhere with him.

Missing pairs out of the laundry

Missing pairs due to his sock addiction


Initially any sock of his own would do, but lately he’s gotten more particular and he only wants his baby type socks…ya know, the little ones with all the cute patterns? Not the boring and bigger “big boy socks”. I have to confess I actually think it’s SOOO adorable…but really, he is 2 years old now and  its getting to be a bit much.

"Ma Socky" he calls it

“Ma Socky” as he calls it


In preparation for our big move the kids and I have been staying at my Dad’s place while Hubby has gone to start his new job. (We need to get the house “sell ready” and there’s no way I can keep it that level of clean on my own with 3 kids under 4 years old!) My teenage brother and sister live at my Dads so, needless to say between them and Grandpa there’s a lot of activity and excitement happening here. I thought this would be a perfect time to try and run a sock intervention while he’s busy and distracted. Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Sock Intervention

  1. Wabby34 says:

    Ha Ha! I will look out for my baby girl doing something similar. She is obsessed with her feet and socks in particular. She is constantly trying to stuff them in her mouth! :))

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