Sock Intervention Day 2

It’s much easier when I’m mad.

Day 1 of our sock intervention I was all nice and soft and Mommy-ish about it. I’m a firm believer in weaning gradually. When making any big changes for the boys like weaning off breastfeeding, switching from formula to milk, changing bedtimes, etc. I always like to take it slow and do a bit at a time. Why make it any harder on everyone than it needs to be? I implemented this same strategy with the sock intervention yesterday. First thing in the morning I asked LoveBug to put his sock in his crib before going downstairs. He did so reluctantly, but he did it. Throughout the day when he magically pulled one out of who-knows-where I would pretend I didn’t see it for a few minutes before taking it away and when he would start looking for a sock or asking for it I would do my best to divert his attention, but when all else failed I would let him have it for a bit. All in all it was a pretty good day with only a few slips and it didn’t hurt that we had visitors mid-day to keep him distracted.

This morning though is another day of I don’t even know how many, where the boys keep getting up earlier and earlier. Now that they are sharing a room they wake each other up and I can’t just send one quietly back to his own room until it’s a more appropriate time to get up. Today was the last straw. LoveBug was up and whining at precisely 6:00am on the dot and guess why he was whining? His sock was on the floor and he couldn’t get it! Seriously? I retrieved the sock and I tried to tell them both to go back to sleep, but that just wasn’t happening. So by 6:26am (keeping in mind I’ve already been up since 5:00am feeding BabyGirl) we were up and downstairs so that they didn’t wake up the rest of the house. Then the 2 of them are sitting on the couch with their ‘comfort items’ (LoveBug with his socky and Monkey with his stuffed animal, which he never brings out of his room in the first place) when the conversation goes like this:

LoveBug: “I want my baby”
Mommy: “You don’t need your baby too”… he doesn’t even care about his stuffed animal!
LoveBug (starting to cry): “Peasss” (meaning please)
Monkey: “But I have my Sammy the Sealion”
Mommy: “Oh ya? Well they both belong in bed!”… Takes away sock and stuffed animal. LoveBug goes into complete meltdown.

Well, maybe if they can only have their comfort items in bed it will be a little more incentive to sleep later… or at least stay in bed.


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