Sock Intervention Day 4

We have officially gone 2 full days now with no sock outside of the crib what-so-ever! Woot Woot!!

Once my frustration subsided a little on Day 2 so did my determination. LoveBug was having a particularly sucky day that day, likely due to being over tired from waking up at 6:00am, and I ended up caving in to the pleas for “ma socky” a couple of times.

Sleeping with his sockys

Sleeping with his sockys

Day 3 though was a new day. He left the sock in the crib when I asked him to first thing in the morning and he only asked for it 4 times the entire day. As I type the words “4 times” it suddenly sounds like a lot, but if you know 2 year olds then you know they can ask for something 4 times in a single second, so I would say that he did pretty well. And 2 of the 4 times were as we headed to nap and to bed for the night so I figure those really don’t count either, right? (He’s still allowed to sleep with it, I just don’t want him walking around looking like Linus but with a sock!)

Today was Day 4 and he dropped the sock in his crib without even being asked this morning and never asked me for it again the rest of the day! Win!

It can’t really be that easy can it?



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