Pinterest Challenge April: Baking Soda Science

I knew we’d be having some rainy days at the cottage this week so I planned a couple of new indoor activities for the boys in an attempt to combat the inevitable ‘cabin fever’. I got the idea for one of the activities off of Pinterest from One Smiley Monkey. There’s no name for it so I’m calling it Baking Soda Science. Just in case you don’t remember this from like grade 6 science when you mix vinegar and baking soda it erupts into bubbles and fizz! The kids loved it and asked for it again, but I wouldn’t say we got hours of entertainment out if it like the original poster did.


What you need:
Baking soda
Food colouring
Eye droppers
Shallow baking dish
Small cups
Your own junior scientist!

I don’t think much explanation is necessary. The only thing I would say is to put a thin layer of baking soda in the bottom of the baking dish. I originally did about a half an inch, but I think this was too deep. I think you’ll get a better eruption with a thinner layer.


I bought a jumbo box of baking soda, in hindsight this may have been overkill.


My junior scientists at work


And typical, the 2 year old dumped his whole cup of vinegar right in!


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