Friday Night

About 3 hours ago I was upstairs getting out the kids pajamas and I was conjuring up a clever and sarcastic Facebook post I was planning to write once the kids were in bed. So far it was sounding like this… “Hmmm…what to do with my Friday night? A) do laundry B) reorganize the fridge…”. Because, you know, the options for a ‘Friday night’ are sooo glamorous for a Mom of three kids. That was as far as I got though. Instead, bedtime was a bigger debacle than usual. It started with Monkey refusing to put on his pajamas and crying because I wouldn’t snuggle him in bed (which we never do) and finished with 2 hours of me juggling LoveBug and BabyGirl both crying and/or screaming. So now that it’s after 9:00pm, and 1 hour away from my bedtime these days, I guess my Friday night is going to consist of this short blog post…and a glass of wine.

Wine Glass


Good night.


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