Why I Love The Cottage: Reason #8

Caesar o’clock!

It can strike at anytime; from an early morning ‘hair of the dog’ remedy, to mid-afternoon on the dock, to an end of the day night-cap.

A bit of a garden on my glass here lol!

I think it was 2 years ago that we had the ‘Summer of Caesars’ where we tried all kinds of different spins on the typical recipe (Calamato, vodka, worcestershire sauce, hot sauce and rimmer). We tried different hot sauces as well as adding pickle, olive, lime, or bean juice. We tried tonnes of different garnishes including pickles, pepperoncinis, crispy bacon, snow peas, and spicy beans of which spicy beans remains the crowd favourite. We even had a friend who made homemade bacon infused vodka for the cause!

Mat & Steve's Extreme Beans

Matt & Steve’s Extreme Beans…yum!

And being that it was created by a Canadian, what else would be more appropriate for Canada Day?! Only the Caesar! Cheers and Happy Canada Day!!


This year we served Caesars in giant Mason jars on Canada Day


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