My Big BabyGirl

Before BabyGirl was born (we decided to keep the gender unknown for our last) I would have said with complete certainty that I didn’t have a preference whether the baby was a boy or a girl, even after having had 2 boys already. But now I can say that most days the fact that she is a girl and not another bratty-little-boy in training staring back at me is, quite simply, what gets me through the day. (Said with motherly love, of course ;)

Today was actually NOT one of those days though. Today was one of those days where all the stars and moons aligned and I had 3 wonderful little monsters children. The boys shadowed each other around the yard mud-pit checking out ‘creatures’ that had come out during the rain and BabyGirl had her first bananas and sat upright all on her own for the first time and played with her toys!


Sitting up like a Big Girl!

Please stop growing, I seriously can’t take it!


5 thoughts on “My Big BabyGirl

    • My3Monsters says:

      We found out with both the boys. We knew this would be our last so I wanted to have that surprise this time. There are so few things in life that we have no control over and are a complete surprise. It was a big pay off when it was actually a girl too!

      • Shannon says:

        Well, its still a surprise you are just finding out sooner. LOL I am so bad I was at the ultrasound place at 17 weeks exactly to find out with the twins LOL (that is the soonest they will tell you in Ontario). I am so glad you got some of each :-)

      • My3Monsters says:

        I know, that’s what I told everyone with our first 2. It was very hard letting go if that ‘control’ on 3rd…our whole families wanted to kill us! Lol! OMG if I had twins there is no way I’d be able to resist knowing!! P.S. I’m also from Ontario :)

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