Building a Bug Box

Today I am the best Mom ever…at least in the eyes of my boys. The boys have been chasing around bugs and critters for days and today the lightbulb finally went off! We can make a critter catcher or bug box or whichever you like to call it! I even had all the materials on hand!


We’re just going to pretend we don’t notice the champagne box!

We recently screened the porch so we have a tonne of leftover screen. The rest is basic stuff you’d have around the house anyway. Ok, so there’s probably a better adhesive than painter’s tape, but I was working with what I had!



I had to do pretty much all the work while Monkey spectated due to the sharp tools and sharp edges on the screen, but here he chose to cut one open side and leave one side with a flap for a door.


Cutting the screen

I used the piece of cardboard we removed as a template for the screens on either side leaving about 1/4 inch border around for taping the screen to the box.


Jumpy testing out the box :)

Then I taped the edges on the inside and taped the bottom for waterproofing (which turned out to be a good idea since the toad immediately peed!)


So excited!

I also made a bug jar from a mason jar. My tip here, which was actually Monkey’s idea, is to cut the corners of the screen off square rather than rounding them, so smart for a 4yo! This gives the screen a sharper edge to grab onto the inside of the ring on the lid.


Use the inside lid as a template


Bug proof screen for the mason jar

We didn’t get a tonne of use out of the critter catchers before the rain picked up again, but the boys did catch a toad which nearly got loved to death (according to my Mom a frog suffered a similar fate in my hands as a child!)…Jumpy was a good sport :)


A genuine heartfelt “I love you Jumpy” when he first got a hold of him <3


LoveBug and his bug jar


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