Why I Love The Cottage: Reason #10

The cow gate. One of the things I love the most about our cottage specifically is this cow gate that you have to pass through on our cottage road.


“Be Kind to Animals, Please Shut the Gate”

Our cottage/Lake House is 5km in from the nearest paved road. At the half way point there is this cow gate where you have to stop the car, get out, open the gate, get back in your car, pull through, stop the car, get out, close the gate, then get back in your car (all while hoping there isn’t actually a cow in your way) and then continue the remaining 2.5km to our place. I love it though. I think it’s so unique and somehow endearing.  Now that we are living here full time and I have to go through that gate almost daily, I have to be honest it is starting to lose a bit of its novelty (especially when I have to get out in the pitch black of night). Plus, this year there aren’t even any cows! The cows are in the neighbouring pasture this year, it’s so disappointing! They did get through the fence the one morning when my  husband was on his way to work…that’s certainly another kind of traffic jam! Is cow poop on your tires the country version of dog poop on your sneaker??


Moooooove over!


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