Why I Love The Cottage: Reason #11



It started as a bit of an impromptu event in 2011 when our good friend had to miss the real Beerfest in Toronto and decided to hold his own at his cottage on Bob’s Lake, and it has grown every year since.

2012 brought a better annual photo and a more quantifiable rating system based on thumbs raised ;)


This year was the 3rd Annual Beerfest. Typically it’s held at our friend’s cottage on nieghbouring Bob’s Lake, but on the day of he had no power so he hosted it at our place. We’ve kept the tradition alive of making the sign out of the bottom of an empty beer case (seems appropriate, right?)


For 2013 we had another new rating system (which I failed to photograph) but was based on a scale of 1 – 5 and went from something like “1- I wouldn’t feed it to the dog” to “5 – I’d pick it over sex”. The host also made an authentic Mexican feast including Tacos de Lengua!


This year’s winner was Innis & Gunn Original and the loser was Muskoka Mad Tom IPA. ‘Til next year…cheers!



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