MIA & Moving to Wisconsin

So, we are off on our next big adventure! Just as we were finally getting settled in to country living at the cottage my husband has accepted a job offer that will be taking us to the ‘US of A’! This will be our 2nd move, 2nd complete relocation, and 3rd home in under 6 months!!

The pro with the move to the cottage was that we at least already owned it, even if it was and still is not quite finished. The con is now that we’ve spent so much time there and are so emotionally invested in it it’s an even harder decision whether to try and keep it or sell it.

The move to Wisconsin is mentally draining because there are so many variables and unknowns and nothing about buying as a Canadian in the US has been easy. My husband already started work 2 weeks ago and has now left to travel abroad for 3 straight weeks, me and the kids are still here in Canada, the school year is quickly approaching, and we still need a home! So needless to say I’m a little worn out.

So just in case anyone has been wondering why I’ve been MIA…my plate is a little full! As soon as we get settled in Wisconsin I’ll be back in full force.

“Helloooooo Wisconsin!”



3 thoughts on “MIA & Moving to Wisconsin

  1. beenough says:

    Thanks for the update. I look forward to hearing about your move, your new house, whether you sell/keep the cottage and just your wonderful insight about life. Take care of yourself during this busy time.

    • My3Monsters says:

      Wow thank you! Taking care, but definitely can’t wait for all the indecision to be over. I’m a pretty “roll with the punches” kind of girl, but this one has been really drawn out and I’m looking forward to the end!

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