Why I Love The Cottage: Reason #12

The sunsets.

Bob's Lake sunset 2012

Bob’s Lake sunset 2012

At our friend’s cottage on Bob’s Lake they get some of the absolute best sunsets in the entire world…at least as far as I’m concerned.  I make a pretty big ordeal about making sure I get a glass of wine and get out to the dock or screened porch right at sunset…and believe me I’m not happy if something like say my children not wanting to go to sleep/stay in their beds interferes! The friend once asked me “don’t you get tired of it? It’s the exact same thing every time?”. I don’t though, not at all. It’s the one thing I would change about our own cottage…we don’t have western exposure. We can catch a bit of a sunset on a good night off to the left of the front deck and so we have named it the “Sunset Deck”…it’s probably a bit of a stretch though.

Enjoy just a few of the sunsets from Bob’s Lake, Ontario….

June 08.3 057

06.08.07 Grad 006




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