WARNING Mommy Rant & SOS: Sleep and Poop

keep-calm-and-poopIf you’re not interested in hearing me talking about baby’s bowel movements and/or our lack of sleep then ‘keep calm and carry on’…however if you’re a parent and you’re like most parents I know you can’t help but stay tuned. So here is our situation: BabyGirl is now 7 months old and we’re so far into sleep regression that she is up 4 times a night (and then the boys are up by 7:00am on a good day!). I’m exhausted. At first it was once a night, which is tolerable, so I was just blindly feeding her when she woke up. Then she started to wake more frequently and I continued to just put her on the boob so I could quickly get back to sleep. Now we’re getting up 3-4 times a night and its getting a little ridiculous. I started trying to rock her to sleep first, but she would wake within a minute of being put down. I would do this several times before caving in and feeding her. Then I started feeling her belly and 9 times out of 10 you could genuinely feel it gurgling, so I figured she must be hungry, right? Well more recently I’ve noticed a pattern where as soon as we are up for the day she has a huge poopy diaper, and this is before she’s even had her breakfast. So the lightbulb goes off: It’s trying to poop that is keeping her up all night! And I’m right. This is definitely the problem. What I don’t know is how to switch her bowel movement routine around. HELP!! I’ve done the exact same thing with her as I did with great success for the boys at this age which was to give them oatmeal and peaches or pears, which are supposed to be laxative fruits, at breakfast to try and work it through their systems before bedtime. This doesn’t seem to be working for her, plus she’s pooping in the morning before she’s even had her breakfast yet. She has 4oz of peaches or pears and 2 tbsp of oatmeal for breakfast and she isn’t pooping again until the following morning.  (And I’m not backing her up with bananas and rice or anything like that for the rest of the day either!)

Anyone have any suggestions on how to shift her bowel movements around? (And help everyone get some sleep!)


3 thoughts on “WARNING Mommy Rant & SOS: Sleep and Poop

  1. beenough says:

    My first gut was water, but now I can’t remember when I started giving my boys water. My next gut was wondering if you gave changed your eating habits. I know its hard when your hubby is away st work! You are so smart to figure out its a poo issue.

    • My3Monsters says:

      Thank you! I recently started a sippy cup of water with her but she isn’t getting much out if it yet. And she is popping. Just not at a good time of day for her. I’m wondering if I go heavy on the laxative fruits before bedtime instead?

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