Why I Love The Cottage: Reason #13

Mason jars.

I’ve recently become obsessed with Mason jars. I suppose you could really use them anywhere, not just at the cottage, but our home is pretty modern/contemporary and they just don’t really fit into our style there. Our cottage on the other hand is what we like to call shabby-chic and the Mason jars fit right in!

It started with counter canisters at the coffee maker:


And quickly became the summer season’s favourite drinking vessel:


More recently on a girls weekend we surprised hubby by turning some of our favourite drinking vessels into pendant lights for the kitchen:



Next I’d like to tackle making some soap dispensers for the bathroom :)


4 thoughts on “Why I Love The Cottage: Reason #13

    • JenM says:

      Thank you! It was actually super easy. The hardest part was hanging them from the high ceiling. I used this link as a guide
      We ended up getting a slightly larger pendant light though (because I was after a light with a clear power cord which was hard to find) which resulted in a bigger hole and no room for ventilation holes. The guy at Lowe’s assured me I didn’t actually need the holes. We have them on constantly and we’ve had no problems with them what-so-ever. Let me know if you have any questions!

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