Another Long Night with BabyGirl

Just when I thought our nights were starting to get better…BabyGirl was up 3 times Monday night and twice last night. This morning at 5:00am she woke up because she had peed through her jammies, then she was pissed I had to change her clothes and it was game over from there. Her little bad temper kicked in and she wouldn’t stop crying for anything! I ended up with her in bed with me (which I’ve been trying really hard not to do anymore), attached to my boob and asleep for 2 hours while I lay silently drifting in and out of sleep until the boys woke up. So tired. And of all things I kept dreaming that I was searching the house for her and couldn’t find her, meanwhile she’s literally attached to my body. This is irony, right?!

But then looking at this little banana face at breakfast makes it all worth while :)



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