Pinterest Challenge June: Boozy Birthday

Yes I am 4 months behind on these posts. I’ve kept on top of doing them, just not posting them. Time to catch up (or a least try!)

In June it was my Mom’s birthday and she came to spend a week with us at the ‘Lake House’ to celebrate. At the cottage we like to celebrate with booze (let’s be honest, we always like to celebrate with booze!) so my two contributions were both for the grown ups. Both came off of Pinterest and thus we have the June Pinterest Challenge!

As a kid I LOVED Shirley Temples. I used to get them all the time when I’d go out for dinner with my Dad. So when I saw this recipe (for which the link no longer works) I had to try it. I made them on my Mom’s actual birthdate and served them in my late Grandma’s glasses; we had Dirty Shirleys in Shirely’s glasses :)

Dirty Shirley
2 oz Cherry Vodka
Splash of Grenadine
Fill highball with Sprite
Top with 2 Maraschino Cherries
Stir gently

The second treat was Malibu soaked pineapple. Everyone munched on this throughout the week, put it in drinks, and at the end if the week we tossed what was left in the blender…yum!

Malibu Soaked Pineapple
Dice fresh pineapple (exclude core)
Pour enough Malibu to cover
Allow to soak at least overnight

Ok 1 down, 4 to go… :)


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