Protesting Purees HELP!

baby-eatingThis past week my 9 month old BabyGirl has started all but boycotting purees. We started some soft solids in bite sized pieces a couple weeks ago and now that she’s gotten a taste for them that is all she wants to eat.  So now when I try and feed her the puree portion of her meal she literally screams and flails and reaches across the table for the solids and on occasion she actually spits the purees across the room or smacks the spoon and sends it flying. Lots of fun #awesome. I can usually still get about 2-3oz if puree in her in between her finger-foods which I save for pureed meat and veg since she hasn’t quite mastered the texture of chunky meat yet, but I am trying to shift it from purees to all solids, and quickly. The thing is she only has 3 teeth and the REAL baby led-weaning (where you go straight from boob or bottle to handheld chunks) kinda freaks me out. So I’m looking for some creative meal ideas that keep the food pieces pretty small and soft. Suggestions??

Our current staples are:

  • Cut up bananas, pears, mango, peaches, kiwi, blueberries (chokes on apples still)
  • Roasted bits of sweet potato or potato (didn’t like the texture of carrots, broccoli or cauliflower)
  • Pasta soup stars (bigger than the baby stars) covered in either butter and parmesan or 1-2oz of pureed veg.
  • Broken crackers and tiny cubes of cheese
  • Cut up buttered toast
  • Homemade turkey soup (had this 2 nights in a row and she was ok with the chunks of meat and carrots, she didn’t spit them out! So I am thinking different kinds of soup might be key for us!)
  • Planning to start eggs this week, which always were (and still are) a big hit with the boys

What types of meals do you or did you give to your babies when they were first starting out on chunky foods?


7 thoughts on “Protesting Purees HELP!

  1. PookyH says:

    We did full on BLW – but despite that I’m really struggling to think what we fed our bubbas at this age (and they’re only three now!) I think it’s because they just ate what we ate… Finger sandwiches were always a bit of a winner – spare ribs too (!!!) and, erm…. *reaches into the depths of her memory* cucumber was another favourite. Good luck! I seem to recall this as a very fun but very messy time! x

  2. kelsire says:

    Have you tried baking the apples . That is how my 7 month old eat them. I just pop in the microwave with a little water for about 3 minutes and they come out soft enough so he doesn’t gag. I just wrote a post about trying BLW. We tried it, but I couldn’t do it! I felt he wasn’t getting the nutrition he needed and he gagged way too much! I think you are doing good by going slow. She might enjoy using the baby food as a dip for her finger food.

    • My3Monsters says:

      No I haven’t tried that with the apples. I will give it a try this week, thanks! Purees for dip sounds like a disaster haha!!
      I’m still trying to squeeze in some purees at every meal because I’m afraid she’s will not get enough nutrition either, though she eats like an animal so I’m sure she’s doing fine.

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