Christmas Shopping Rant


The desired Bella Hot Air Popcorn Popper :)

Ok I officially need to stop Christmas shopping. Yesterday the sub-par popcorn machine I ordered from Wal-Mart, in leu of the one I really wanted which was sold out, arrived at the door unpackaged! I was so upset! That is the 2nd time something has shown up unpackaged with just a shipping label stuck on it (which don’t even peel off!). Like seriously, it’s Christmas time! What if Monkey had answered the door, like he usually does? Talk about ruining the magic of Santa! Anyway, that’s actually besides the point. So, the door bell rings for the 2nd time today with deliveries (another sign I need to stop) and this time it’s a packaged box, inside is the popcorn maker I had originally wanted in the first place!! I actually FORGOT I had already ordered it! How does this happen? Was I doing drunk online Christmas shopping, or am I really just that spent on holiday shopping? Well, I guess I am now the proud owner of 2 popcorn makers…movie night anyone?


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