Elf on the Shelf: I Caved

Only 6 days left before Christmas and I caved.


Earl the Elf

We started the Elf on a Shelf last year when my Mom came across an actual vintage Elf on the Shelf in her Christmas boxes that has been around since she was a little girl. My Mom went looking for the story online (no point buying “the kit” when we already have a genuine Elf), but instead found a poem which explained it all just fine. I had never heard of the Elf on a Shelf tradition before, but immediately fell in love with it because ya, I’m “that kind of Mom”.

Last year on December 1st the Elf magically appeared in Grandma’s tree and the boys were very excited to bring him home to our family. The boys were a bit young still last year and couldn’t think of a name on their own so we threw around some suggestions and Monkey actually ended up picking Earl the Elf, named for my late Papa. (Monkey tends to like rhyming and alliteration). Everyone was excited.

Well only a short week later Earl the Elf was my nemesis. It became such a chore to remember to do some new creative thing with him each and every night. Half the time I would totally forget and end up running down stairs before the kids to quickly throw something together before they got up. And then there’s the whole fabricating another big lie thing. I’m having a hard enough time mentally and morally dealing with the Santa charade. I have no idea how I’m going to keep it up for another 7 (or so) years! And now I’m trying to pile a sneaky little Elf on top of it? Why?! So last year I swore never again.

I survived the first 19 days of December with no Earl. But then I caved. He’s so cute I couldn’t resist. A friend of the family made these adorable letters from Santa and his head Elf letting the boys know that they were on the Nice List this year so I thought it would be fitting to have Earl deliver them.


Special Delivery!

Even when the boys spotted Earl in the tree they were more interested in the letter and  didn’t even remember anything from last year, so it looks like I am off the hook. Now I can keep him around without all the pressure. YAY!


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