BabyGirl’s 1st Birthday Party


My 1st Birthday

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to replicate this picture above from my first birthday party, if I ever had a little girl. Well, my BabyGirl turned 1 year old last month. I did my best to have a replica of the cake made by a local baker, I put her in a little pink party dress and I placed the cake right in front of her, but not all good plans come to fruition. BabyGirl had plans of her own and there was no stopping her from diving right into that cake before we could get a good shot.


BabyGirl’s 1st Birthday

I had also envisioned her in the classic pouffy, pink, empire waist party dress, which btw could not be found during the holiday season; everything was red, black and silver for Christmas. My Mom then came to me with a dress she had worn as a little girl (yes, she has hung on to a couple dresses for over 50 years!) and how could I resist that?


My Mom in the vintage party dress


BabyGirl in my Mom’s vintage party dress

I tackled a couple Pinterest Challenges at this party, both of which were a bit of a bust. I was not at all happy with how the balloons turned out (though no one else noticed) and my veggie bowls turned out great, but possibly they looked too great because no one at any!


And finally I wanted to start a tradition of getting a picture of BabyGirl sitting on her Daddy’s knee every year on her bitthday. Again, this didn’t go as gracefully as I had hoped. Keeping true to form for our kids, she smacked her head off the coffee table ON THE DAY OF HER PARTY and was in full meltdown mode by the time we got to the picture, but here it is; Daddy, vintage party dress, bruised head and all!


Daddy’s Girl

Happy 1st Birthday BabyGirl! xox


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