Ready for Florida?

Wow, how has another week gone by already and I haven’t written a thing! I guess ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ as they say. This week my Mom is in town, it was my birthday, we’ve checked some items off our household ‘Honey Do’ list, and I’ve started packing for Florida (YAY!). Looks like the kids are ready to go!


My bags are packed, I’m ready to go

I can’t wait to go to Florida and get out of this Snow-mageddon of Wisconsin! We missed going last year because we thought it would be too much with a newborn and 2 toddlers in tow.  This year everyone is a bit older, the boys are both super excited, and it will be BabyGirl’s first trip to Florida as well as her first airplane ride. It should be fun managing the 3 of them through the airports and on the plane…can you sense my sarcasm?

Travelling with kids this small (5 years, 3 years, and 1 year) is so much work! Our 5 year old is a handful at the best of times, but at least he’s self sufficient for the most part. Our 3 year old is sucky and won’t want to do the walking through the airport, but we can’t take a double stroller to the gate and our 1 year old, who is almost as heavy as our 3 year old, has gotten to big for the baby Snugli so she will have to go in the stroller. Then there’s the issue of luggage, carry-ons, and car seats. There is the potential to have 3 kids, 5 bags, 3 carry-ons, 3 car seats and a play-yard…and only 2 sets of hands. Good times.


Me as a packing-mule, Florida 2011

And even still, when you get there you have daily packing and repacking to go to the beach, times 5 people, multiple trips back and forth for eating and bathrooms, times 5 people, hours spent in your room or with the family divided to accommodate nap times and then you get to finish the day off by trying to eat out with 3 exhausted and potentially screaming children. All day, every day, for 7 days.  Thankfully we meet up with about 20 other family members when we get there.  And I have to be honest, if we weren’t meeting up with the rest of our family at the other end, I’m not sure it would be worth the effort, not at the young ages they are right now. But that’s exactly what it’s all about right? In the end it’s all worth it to have that time with not just our immediate family, or even my parents and siblings, but with the “whole Clan” as we call ourselves.  It’s getting that real quality time in with even my Aunts, Uncles, Cousin and my Granny (or Big Granny as my little ones call her). People that were such a huge part of my life growing up, and who I am so close to, but who often that connection gets lost on the next generation.

This blog post kind of went a different direction than I had planned when I started writing, so don’t get me wrong, for all the extra work it is to vacation with multiple children under 5 years old it is worth it! I absolutely look forward to spending a week with the “whole Clan” in Florida every year and pretty much start counting down the days on New Years Day… only 9 more sleeps! Only one questions remains to be answered…

Do we dare attempt Disney??


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