Murphy’s Law

Murphy's Law

Before we went to Florida the kids started getting up around 6:00 AM everyday when the sun started coming up earlier. Florida is a one hour time change for us and the day we arrived happened to be daylight savings time as well so it ended up being a two hour time change. On the first morning the kids woke up at 7:45am ‘new time’ which would have been 5:45am ‘old time’. Time change doesn’t effect me, so for me I still got 7 hours of sleep regardless what time we are in. Win! This continued for the rest of our trip and even continued after we got home.

Every day since we’ve gotten back from our trip the kids have been getting up, or rather I have been having to wake them up, at 7:25am so we can scramble to get Monkey to the bus stop in time for school. Me having to wake up the kids is unheard of. Hubby has even had to work early this week and is out the door by 7:00am and even his noise hasn’t roused them. This is where Murphy’s Law kicks in: Monkey doesn’t have school on Fridays. I thought YAY here is my chance to get a mini sleep in! They’ve been sleeping until 7:25am anyway, it’s a dark, gray, rainy morning so for sure I’ll get to sleep until at least 7:45am. At precisely 6:47am Hubby closed the garage door and all 3 kids woke up. No breaks for the Mama!

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