BRAT Diet Week


Apparently the BRAT diet isn’t just for the brats, lol, just kidding. It’s not really funny though. BabyGirl came down with a stomach bug on Wednesday afternoon and how she got it first, as the one person who never leaves the house, is beyond me. She was in good spirits otherwise, but it lasted 4.5 long days and the poor thing had the sorest bum I have ever since in my life. Lucky #2 is me. It caught up with me on day 4. I was feeling significantly worse than she seemed to have been so I was  hopeful that it was only going to be a 24hr thing for me. You know, like drawn out and gentle on a baby, but hard and fast for a grown up, the logic made sense to me. Anyway, no such luck. I am now entering my day 3 of the bug and although it’s now bearable (like the equivalent of walking pneumonia compared to regular pneumonia) there’s no signs it’s going away yet. It’s looking like lucky #3 is going to be LoveBug. He’s been complaining that his tummy hurts this morning, only time will tell.  Monkey and Daddy have left the house for the day so we will have to see how they are feeling later.

I hate to say, but I’ve actually had the stomach flu many times in my life, however, I’ve never had it last more than 36 hours max., what happened to the stomach flu being a 24hr thing??

You can’t make kids eat anything they don’t want to and I’ve found that mine really don’t want to eat the same things 2 days in a row which makes the BRAT diet difficult. Not to mention BabyGirl has never liked rice and started boycotting bananas about 3 weeks ago. So, we do a modified BRAT diet with good success, ours is more like a BRATTYS P. diet.
Soup (chicken noodle)
Pasta (plain, buttered)
Obviously lots of water as well and I’ll even squeeze in the occasional grilled cheese, easy on the cheese, no dip. We pretty much just eat all these foods straight up though, no creative recipes. Are there any ‘real food’ applications for these foods? Like… banana stir fry on rice? Yogurt sandwiches?


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