Kangaroo Care Awareness Day

Kangaroo Care Awareness Day just happens to fall on #tbt imagine that! I was surprised how few pics I have considering how much time we spent that way. As a mother of 2 preemies and a preterm baby it’s something I feel strongly about. The benefits of skin-to-skin contact for baby and Mom are so great I am not sure why it’s really only promoted for preemies. Premature babies are obviously in a greater need, but it can still benefit full term babies even if it’s just for the bonding and breastfeeding response!

Kangaroo Care offers the most benefits for premature babies who benefit from a more normalized temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate as well as increased weight gain, less infections and studies have indicated that preemies who experience Kangaroo Care have improved cognitive development, decreased stress levels, reduced pain responses, normalized growth, and positive effects on their motor development. AND Kangaroo Care can be beneficial to all newborns! For both preemies and term babies it can help to improve sleep patterns and may be a good intervention for colic, it helps to promote frequent breastfeeding, increased milk production and can enhance parent-baby bonding.

I was extremely fortunate to have very healthy preemies, I’m quite sure I can’t attribute it all to Kangaroo Care, but I like to think it helped play a part in their success.

For more information on Kangaroo Care check out the following resources:





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