I have a Confession

Something happened this week that I need to tell you. I really didn’t think I was the type of person and it’s taken me all week to come to terms with it, but I think it’s time I come out with the truth. I know it will be difficult, but please don’t judge me. I really hope you won’t view me differently…

mini van soccer mom

Hiding my face for the surprise sticker…ya…that’s it

I got a minivan. Complete with Soccer Mom sticker ’cause my Dad thinks he’s hilarious.

Yep. I swore I’d never be one of those uncool, PTA member, soccer moms, driving a minivan. But after being pitched, persuaded, convinced, conned and finally blackmailed into getting one by my father I threw in the towel. I mean you can only fight the inevitable for so long right?

When I shared my confession with my closest girlfriends the responses looked something like this:


Super supportive, right?

I have to confess (yes my second confession in one post!) after my 1.5hr drive back from the dealership I was a converted minivan lover! And I hadn’t even loaded it with kids, bags, toys, and life yet. My girlfriend and I spent last week at the cottage while both of our husbands were away on business and both of our families (5 kids between us) fit in one vehicle which was pretty sweet! Now I just need to enrol my kids in soccer so I’m not living a lie.

Note the babies foot in the chair behind me :)

Note the babies foot in the chair behind me :)

Hy husband reassured me (and probably himself!) that I am still totally awesome, minivan and all, with this video: “I got pride in my ride, it’s the swagger wagon”



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