Always a Good Time. Not.

Getting groceries. Sigh. Just another one of the things that is challenging to do with 3 very small children. Not to mention that none of the grocery stores in our town even have the 2 kid shopping carts. How is this possible?! The town we live in has the largest grocery store in NORTH AMERICA and they don’t have 2 kid carts? So now the option I’m left with is my 18 month old in the shopping cart seat, ok, good.  My 3.5 year old physically in with the groceries like a sack of potatoes likely eating crackers or squishing produce, tolerable.  And finally my 5 year old either swinging from the end of the cart like a monkey or pillaging everything in sight off of the shelves, or both, not at all good. Obviously if I had another option I would have taken it, but hubby got unexpectedly admitted to the hospital for foot surgery and we had just returned from being away for 5 weeks so there was literally nothing in the house to eat. Bread crumbs and ketchup anyone?

my3monsters get groceries

Clearly I elected not to tackle the largest grocery store in North America for my first time doing groceries alone with all 3 kids. Instead we opted for the local Piggly Wiggly (that name always makes me laugh). I have to say it was only about 50% as bad as I was expecting; a few grapes got squashed, some tears were shed, and if you look closely a lot of junk food magically made it inot my cart, but we all survived. And if you know my kids, the picture really sums them up nicely.



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