Muffin Tin Monday – Lazy Mondays

Some people get the impression that Muffin Tin Meals require a lot of planning, but they really don’t have to. It can be as complicated or as easy as you like. Sometimes I plan it out with a theme, sometimes I try and put a theme together with what I have on hand, and other times I just toss little bits of different things into a muffin pan and try cover all the food groups. Today was one of the latter. Yesterday should have been grocery day and the day got away from me so now its ‘let’s see what I have in the cupboard to make a lunch out of’ time…hmm, 2 stray donuts, 1/2 container of yogourt, leftover meatballs… Muffin Tin Meals are almost always a good solution at times like this. And I pretty much covered all the food groups….tomato sauce counts as a vegetable right? ;)

MTM: leftovers feastTop Row:  2 leftover beef meatballs in tomato sauce, 1 triangle of ‘cow cheese’, saltine crackers

Bottom Row: green grapes, chocolate donut, vanilla yogurt with sprinkles




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