10 superb sangrias

With Summer trailing off behind us it was time to wrap up the #SummerOfSangria #SangriaSundays. Check out all the great Sangrias we tried this summer!! Sooo good!! (Reblogging from my blog that’s not about the kids! ;)

it's my round!

10 superb sangrais

Sparkling White Peach SangriaWith fall just around the corner I suppose it’s time for The Summer of Sangria a.k.a Sangria Sundays to come to an end. We had such a fantastic summer I’m sad to see it go, but I am looking forward to my favourite season, fall! Over the summer I stuck to white and sparkling sangrias because for 1) I just like them better and for 2) they feel more refreshing and summery. I’m still planning on trying a white, fall fruit sangria over Thanksgiving and a couple of reds over the fall and winter, but I’m thinking it’s time for a new theme with the new season? I’ve been dying to try my hand at some classic vintage cocktails…I’m thinking Manhattan, mojito, negroni, sidecar…

green sangriaWhat I learned about sangria this summer is that it falls into 2 categories: easy drinking and high potency! There are those thatcall for added juice, pop, or soda…

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