School Lunch Ideas

Halfway through September of our first year of Kindergarten and I was already struggling to come up with lunch ideas. Granted Mr.Monster probably isn’t sick of ham and cheese yet, but he’s going to be. He’s one of those kids who will say “aw Mom, not that again”. So I took it to Pinterest and found lots of great ideas as well as came up with some of my own. Obviously you have to work with what your kid likes and there’s no way mine is eating those adorable bento rice shapes or molded hard boiled eggs.

My LunchPunch set has turned out to be my most valuable tool so far. All of his sandwiches were coming home a half eaten, mangled mess until I switched to these. The LunchPunch basically cuts off only the crust and leaves a fun shape behind to eat. (And no, I’m not in any way sponsored by LunchPunch, I just really like them!)

I’ve only got a few pictures from this month which don’t include the afternoon snack that is required to be packed separately. Also,  sometimes he has juice, but sometimes we get milk at school instead. This is admittedly not some of my best photography, but here is the September lunch wrap up:

Kids School Lunch Ideas using Lunch Punch

1. Turkey, bacon, cheddar pita with strawberries, fruit chews (remember fun fruits??) and a juice box
2. Airplane ham & cheese made using LunchPunch, carrot sticks, marble cheese cubes (drink and treat not pictured)
3. Train and cargo roast beef sandwich LunchPunch (which came out terribly!) with grapes, pudding cup, 2 Laughing Cow cheese and crackers
4. Turkey, lettuce and cheese wrap (all the lettuce came back home lol), Goldfish crackers, grapes and a brownie
5. Ham and cheese car LunchPunch, dill pickle spears and apple slices
6. Pick up truck and cargo LunchPunch, grapes, yogurt tube and brownie


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