School Lunch Ideas October

School Lunch Ideas for Kids OctoberGoing across from top left:

1. Turkey, cheese & mayo Cars cut-outs (you can get 2 out of a sandwich), red grapes, broccoli florets, Wheat Thins and a laughing cow swiss cheese, Welch’s fruit chews and a Capri Sun juice pouch
2. Peanut butter & jam sandwich (yes, its actually allowed at our school!), green grapes and blueberries, cosmic brownie (or chocolate domino as Mr.Monster likes to call it), Capri Sun juice pouch
3. Roast beef, cheddar & mustard sandwich, GoGurt, Delmonte fruit & veggie bursts (the veggies ones were not a hit), Skylanders gummies, Capri Sun juice pouch
4. Homemade “lunchables” with marble jack cheese, red grapes, pepperoni stick cut up, and Wheat Thins crackers, GoGurt, Skylanders gummies, Capri Sun juice pouch
5. Chicken and cheese quesadilla with sour cream to dip, red grapes, cosmic brownie and Capri Sun juice pouch
6. Halloween Lunch: PB&J cat cut-out sandwich, red grapes and Halloween candy placed in inside out Halloween cupcake liners, GoGurt (and we got milk from school that day for a drink)

Again, none of these pics show the snack that has to be packed separately.


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