2015 Bucket List

I spent the first 2 weeks of the year deciding whether I was going to resolve to give up on my blogging or reinvest myself. I have too much social media in my life. I’ve had a bad habit lately of starting a project (social media or otherwise) and either losing my vision, my momentum, my interest, or all of the above.

In the end I decided that instead of completely canning everything I would do a massive cut back and fully invest myself in this blog. This project has the greatest connection to my life and what is most important to me. I deleted my other blogging projects, deleted my Twitter accounts and reduced to just this blog, my Facebook account (which is private) and my Instagram account (which there was never a chance I was getting rid of, haha!).

To start the year off I completed my first ever bucket list. I’m not quite up to the task yet of laying out everything I would like to accomplish before I cease to exist, so I started with a bucket list for this year. I tried to get a good mix of things that will be easy to accomplish and things that will be more challenging, as well as things that are just for me and things that are for my family.

Here’s to a new year and accomplishing goals!



5 thoughts on “2015 Bucket List

  1. Valerie says:

    I love the idea of making a yearly bucket list! And yours is great for 2015! Your goals/plans seem totally doable and will add to your life, I’m sure! :) Also, good for you on junking the social media that you were benefitting from!!!!

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