School Lunch Ideas January

School Lunch Ideas for Kids

Apparently we had a lot of sandwiches and clementines this month, but once you buy a box of clementines you’re kinda invested though, right?  We did try some new things though this month, specifically the chicken salad sandwich and the pasta salad.

I saw premixed chicken salad in the deli at our grocery store and bought it as an impulse buy. Mr.Monster likes chicken and LOVES mayo so I figured it was worth a try. His only complaint was there was too much onion so it’s worth another shot, but homemade minus the onions.

The pasta salad I actually expected him to not prefer and likely eat just the noodles, but surprisingly the only thing left was a few noodles which he then asked if he could still eat when he got home from school.

Simple Pasta Salad for Kids

Simple Pasta Salad for Kids

  • favourite noodle shapes (precooked and cooled)
  • cubed cheese
  • cubed precooked ham
  • Italian salad dressing

Mix together desired quantities of pasta, meat and cheese (you could even add cooked peas or corn, etc. for some veg) and lightly coat with salad dressing. Not super technical with the instructions here haha, but just do it according to your kid’s taste. More pasta if they prefer pasta, more cheese if they pefer cheese, etc.

Lunches starting from top left:

1. Chicken salad sandwich, green grapes, Babybell gouda cheese, vanilla cupcake Goldfish crackers (milk from school to drink)
2. Ham & cheese & mustard sandwich, 3 clementines, mini KitKat (what? who still has Halloween candy??), CapriSun juice pouch
3. Simple pasta salad,  strawberry, clementine (prepeeled at Mr.Monster’s request), Skylanders gummies, CapriSun juice pouch
4. PB&J sandwich, clementine, Goldfish crackers, Cosmic brownie, CapriSun juice pouch
5. Turkey & mayo sandwich, Teddy Grahams, raspberries with a chocolate chip in the middle, yogurt tube,
6. Turkey, cheese and mayo on a roll, clementine, Skylanders gummies (and milk from school again)



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