School Lunch Ideas February

Happy Friday the 13th! Haha!


  1. Ham and cheese kebabs, pretzel sticks (this was a huge hit by the way)
  2. Valentin’s Day Lunch: PB&J with cut out heart and sprinkles, Valentine’s Fruit Roll Up, strawberries
  3. Ham and cheese crescent rolls, M&M trail mix, strawberries
  4.  Airplane in clouds (Lunch Punch) shaped bologna and cheese sandwich, leftover Valentine’s candy, green gapes on the vine
  5. Peanut butter, banana and honey quesadilla, clementine, Cars gummies (he did not like this one, but I did! :)
  6. Turkey and havarti sandwich, cucumber and carrots, gummy fish (from our trip to Jelly Belly)



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