Wisconsin Bucket List: Jelly Belly & Cheese Curds

I checked 2 more items off the Wisconsin Bucket List over the weekend! Yay!

The JElly Belly Factory Warehouse

We finally checked out the Jelly Belly Factory tour.  It’s actually ridiculous it took us 18 months to do that seeing as it is literally less than 10 minutes from our house.
Jelly Belly Warehouse, Kenosha, WisconsinFriday was a PA Day so we drove Daddy to work then went straight there so we arrived at the Jelly Belly Factory, correction, Warehouse about 20 minutes early and had to sit in the car for a bit (totally worth not taking all 3 kids in and out of cars seats unnecessarily!). The monsters all got antsy after 15 minutes so we got out and walked around outside. Well as soon as we got up to the doors and Miss Monster saw the giant jelly beans floating from the ceiling inside she wouldn’t stop yelling with excitement “My jelly beans! my jelly beans!!” haha :)

Jelly Belly Warehouse tour

Sitting on the “train” in the Jelly Belly warehouse

The experience started and ended with a bang, but everything down the middle was pretty blah. I was under the impression that it was a factory, but it was actually just a warehouse. The tour (which we were the only ones there for) was just some guy driving around a “train” with us on it and stopping at various stations that consisted of some sort of display of jelly bean packaging, memorabilia, etc. and a a video screen on which they played videos clearly made in the 1950’s about the history of the Jelly Belly Company. The best part of the tour was that every single time they showed a jelly bean or even said the word jelly bean (which you can imagine how often that would come up!) Miss Monster would scream “my jelly beans!!”. The 2 staff running the “train” couldn’t stop laughing. I’m sure she is the most enthusiastic visitor they’ve had, haha.

Jelly Belly, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Kid in a candy shop…literally

Jelly Belly jelly beans

My 3 Monsters wired on jelly beans!









The tour conveniently drops you off at the Jelly Belly merchandise store, but you do get a free bag of jelly beans to take with you and the store has a free jelly bean tasting bar where you can try every single flavour that they offer. I tried to talk Mr.Monster into tasting booger flavor, but he wouldn’t do it. Each of the kids picked a bag of beans from the store (Middle Monsters picked gummy fish since he doesn’t like jelly beans) and I picked up a bag of Champagne flavour for me and Draft Beer flavour for Daddy. Overall I’d give this about a 2/5, but at least it killed an hour and the kids were happy.

Deep Fried Wisconsin Cheese Curds

Wisconsin is known as “America’s Dairy Land” and therefor is well known for it’s cheese, including cheese curds. I have had cheese curds in Canada before obviously, poutine! But here they don’t use them for poutine, they don’t even know what poutine is! I noticed a few menus that have had deep fried Wisconsin cheese curds as an app and even a few places offer them as an alternative side dish to fries (win!). We tried making our own a few summers back at the cottage, but the cheese just kept melting out of the breading, so I had to try deep fried Wisconsin cheese curds to see what the secret is.

Looks like the secret is just multiple layers of breading, either way they were delicious!!

Deep Fried Wisconsin Cheese Curds

Deep Fried Wisconsin Cheese Curds from Culver’s


Wisconsin Bucket List

When I found out 18 months ago that we would be moving to Wisconsin, even with my limited knowledge about the state, there were a few things that immediately came to mind that I knew I wanted to do and see during our time here (hello, Young and the Restless is staged in Genoa City, Wisconsin!). Then as I started to research the area we would be living in there were a bunch more great things I really wanted to experience while we were here. And so, The Wisconsin Bucket List was created.

Now as I am finding out that we are leaving Wisconsin with only a few weeks to prepare (more on that another day!), I’m packing for a trip to Florida, packing to move and trying to squeeze in a few more items off of my list.  Sadly, I haven’t done any of my top 5. I’m not sure how much I can accomplish in the short time we have left, but I’d hate to leave here saying I never experienced this things!

  1. Take a picture at the Genoa City limit sign (hello, Young and the Restless!)
  2. Eat breakfast at Frank’s Diner (as seen on Diner’s, Drive Ins, and Dives)
  3. Go to Chicago with the kids
  4. Go to Chicago without the kids
  5. Tour the Jelly Belly factory

We still experienced quite a lot in our year and a half living in “America’s Dairy Land”. All of the experiences we have checked off the list have been great. My top 3 things we have discovered in Wisconsin are:

Rendez-vous Tiki Bar quickly became a favourite spot

Rendez-vous Tiki Bar

Visiting the Dinosaur Discovery Museum

Dinosaur Discovery Museum

America's Action Territory with the boys

America’s Action Territory







There wasn’t one thing though that didn’t live up to or surpass our expectations. If you’re ever in the Kenosha, Wisconsin area check them out! (See what else we did in the gallery below the list). Now let’s see what we can squeeze in in less than 2 weeks!

Wisconsin Bucket List

  • Take a picture at the Genoa City limit sign (hello, Young and the Restless!)
  • Go to a Green Bay Packers Game √ (I only get this one by proxy through my husband :( )
  • Eat deep fried cheese curds
  • Drink Wisconsin beer √
  • Eat breakfast at Frank’s Diner (as seen on Diner’s, Drive Ins, and Dives)
  • Eat at The Spot Drive In
  • Go to Chicago with the kids
  • Go to Chicago without the kids
  • Tour the Jelly Belly factory
  • Visit the lighthouse on Lake Michigan √
  • Tour the Mars Cheese Castle √
  • Visit the Dinosaur Discovery Museum √
  • Visit the Kenosha Public Museum (Natural History) √
  • Take the kids to America’s Action Territory (I just love the name!) √
  • Get a flight of wine at The Wine Knot √
  • Go to Rendez-Vous tiki bar √
  • Go dancing at the only nightclub in Kenosha, Club Icon √
  • Take a picture at Bong Recreation Area (I don’t even, but seriously, who approved this signage?)√
  • Take the kids to Noah’s Ark Waterpark (largest water park in America)
  • Go to the Racine zoo √
  • Order from the Trailer Park Boys menu at Captain Mike’s √ (Also by proxy through my husband)
  • Survive a Wisconsin winter! √

(And yes I realize √ is not a check mark, but it was the best I could find lol!)

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2015 Bucket List

I spent the first 2 weeks of the year deciding whether I was going to resolve to give up on my blogging or reinvest myself. I have too much social media in my life. I’ve had a bad habit lately of starting a project (social media or otherwise) and either losing my vision, my momentum, my interest, or all of the above.

In the end I decided that instead of completely canning everything I would do a massive cut back and fully invest myself in this blog. This project has the greatest connection to my life and what is most important to me. I deleted my other blogging projects, deleted my Twitter accounts and reduced to just this blog, my Facebook account (which is private) and my Instagram account (which there was never a chance I was getting rid of, haha!).

To start the year off I completed my first ever bucket list. I’m not quite up to the task yet of laying out everything I would like to accomplish before I cease to exist, so I started with a bucket list for this year. I tried to get a good mix of things that will be easy to accomplish and things that will be more challenging, as well as things that are just for me and things that are for my family.

Here’s to a new year and accomplishing goals!