Minecraft Birthday Party

A couple of weeks ago Mr.Monster celebrated his 6th birthday. Since his leg was still in a cast I wanted to keep it small and not very demanding physically.  He requested a Minecraft themed party and these 2 concepts seemed to fit together nicely; videos games and an easy paced party. It’s been a few years since I’ve gone all out with the decorations for him too (we’ve done Chuckie Cheese type things the last few years) so I figured I owed him a good one.

One thing I really like to do is decorate for the kid’s parties the night before while they are in bed. This serve two purposes 1. they aren’t underfoot while I’m trying to get stuff done and 2. it’s an awesome surprise for them when they wake up in the morning to a fully decorated room.

Minecraft Theme Party Decorations

The Minecraft theme is actually so easy to work with. For decorations I had a Creeper plate wall, balloon spiders, Creeper coloured window streamers, and various Minecraft toys around. For food I made a dirt block cake, green juice in creeper cups, game themed goodies and a “blocks” lunch. We also had a Minecraft YouTube playlist, crafts, goodie bags and more! Some of the ideas came off of Pinterest and some are my own, but everything came together nicely and the birthday boy was super happy. And that’s what really matters right?

Minecraft Party Mask CraftWe started the party with the Minecraft masks craft. I figured I’d better get them all sitting down for the craft before they got all fired up and it was a lost cause. I precut all the squares and glued on popsicle sticks a head of time so all the kids had to do was glue on their creations. Clearly there is some varying skill levels here haha, but it was a quick, easy, and fun craft especially for kids so young.

Then we put on a YouTube playlist that I created of Minecraft parody songs up on the TV for the kids to watch and sing and dance to while I prepared lunch. Here is the playlist if you’d like to check it out (there’s actually some really clever ones! People have too much time on their hands!):

Minecraft Themed Party lunch blocksLunch might have been my favourite part though. I thought I was pretty clever here and it came out really well. Of course I precut all the meat and cheese the night before so all that had to be done at the party was stacking the slices evenly to make squares. Side note: I actually have no idea what slimeballs or red stone are, but I found the printable cards and worked with it. All the kids thought it was pretty funny too!

Minecraft Themed Party Dirt Block CakeI got the cake idea from Adventures of Mel. Adding crushed up Oreos to the chocolate icing was genius! Not only does it look more like real dirt, but it tastes AMAZING! I will for sure be doing that again on some cupcakes in the near future. Tip: Make sure the oven is clean before you start and doesn’t start billowing with smoke, setting off your smoke detector, then requiring cooling and cleaning before starting over all while your cake mix goes flat…not that that happened to me….

Minecraft themed party creeper goodie bagsEach of the goodie bags contained a Minecraft keychain and some black and green candies from Party City then the kids got to add “gold” and “diamonds” to their bags when they picked them up. I got the free printable Minecraft signs from Catch My Party. There are also invitations, banners, etc. posted that I didn’t even use. Check it out!

Super happy with the outcome. This might be my favourite so far! Though the Monsters Inc. one was a close runner up :)

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BabyGirl’s 1st Birthday Party


My 1st Birthday

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to replicate this picture above from my first birthday party, if I ever had a little girl. Well, my BabyGirl turned 1 year old last month. I did my best to have a replica of the cake made by a local baker, I put her in a little pink party dress and I placed the cake right in front of her, but not all good plans come to fruition. BabyGirl had plans of her own and there was no stopping her from diving right into that cake before we could get a good shot.


BabyGirl’s 1st Birthday

I had also envisioned her in the classic pouffy, pink, empire waist party dress, which btw could not be found during the holiday season; everything was red, black and silver for Christmas. My Mom then came to me with a dress she had worn as a little girl (yes, she has hung on to a couple dresses for over 50 years!) and how could I resist that?


My Mom in the vintage party dress


BabyGirl in my Mom’s vintage party dress

I tackled a couple Pinterest Challenges at this party, both of which were a bit of a bust. I was not at all happy with how the balloons turned out (though no one else noticed) and my veggie bowls turned out great, but possibly they looked too great because no one at any!


And finally I wanted to start a tradition of getting a picture of BabyGirl sitting on her Daddy’s knee every year on her bitthday. Again, this didn’t go as gracefully as I had hoped. Keeping true to form for our kids, she smacked her head off the coffee table ON THE DAY OF HER PARTY and was in full meltdown mode by the time we got to the picture, but here it is; Daddy, vintage party dress, bruised head and all!


Daddy’s Girl

Happy 1st Birthday BabyGirl! xox

Monsters Themed Birthday Party

Today my little LoveBug turns 3 years old! He’s such a little mite still it seems like he’s hardly even grown since his last birthday (or since birth for that matter!). I know that he has though because he’s finally fitting his 24m pants and 2T shirts haha…maybe by next year he’ll be caught up, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m pretty sure he will always by my littlest man <3


My Littlest Man <3

This weekend we had a Monsters Inc. themed party for him. Since we don’t really know anyone here yet and don’t have any family in the area it was just us so I wanted to make the day extra special for him. Hubby and I decorated all around our kitchen table area the night before so that when the kids got up in the morning they would be wow’d and surprised right away, and we kept with our family tradition of a cupcake for breakfast on your birthday. We made Monster picture frames in the morning and watched Monsters Inc. We had Monster sandwiches and marshmallow pops for lunch. Then we let him open his presents, which were Monsters University Play Sets, so that they could play with them all day (which they did!). LoveBug’s favourite food is meatballs so for dinner I made Monster Meatballs and crazy noodles, followed of course by Monster cake (which I made myself!). Then we played pin the eyeball on the Monster and watched Monsters University before tucking into bed. It really turned out to be a great day. The kids had a lot of fun and all 3 slept better last night than they have in a long time.

Monsters Inc Party!

Monsters Inc Party!


Monster cupcake waiting for breakfast in the morning (it was still dark out!)


Mmmm sugar high at 7:00am!


Painting their Monster frames

Monster bologna sandwich

Monster bologna sandwich

Marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.. yum!

Marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.. yum!

Monster meatball and crazy noodles

Monster meatball and crazy noodles..hard to tell from this pic, but I swear the meatball was really big!

Homemade Monster cake (used a 'grass piping' tip for the fur)

Homemade Monster cake (used a ‘grass piping tip’ for the fur)

Ninja Turtles Dinner Party

No good deed goes unpunished. *sigh*

The boys are all about the Ninja Turtles lately so I thought it would be fun to plan a little TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) themed dinner party for them this weekend. They’re only 2 and 4 years old so I kept it pretty simple, but even that was a flop.

It started with the AppleTV crashing 10 minutes into not one, but two 1990’s TMNT movies that I actually paid money for, but ‘failed to download’ properly. Luckily I at least had a 30 minute TMNT cartoon recorded on the DVR (thank you foresight!). And it ended with my Ninja Turtle shaped pizza that no one ate, which resulted in not even getting to make them the pizza like skillet cookie.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother. At least the Ninja Turtle pizza turned out better than the Wiener Dog Hot Dogs which just looked like, well….


I ♥ Party Planning

Is it wrong if I have my daughter’s first three birthday parties planned already? Is it wrong if I feel restless when there’s nothing lined up in my Evite?

I absolutely love, love, LOVE planning parties. I love to plan kids parties and grown-up parties. Planning parties for the grown-ups was obviously my first love since we were hosting parties long before the kids came on the scene, but now that I’ve got 3 little monsters to plan parties for too, I have to be honest I don’t know which I enjoy more.

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